aio_adb_shell Documentation

This Python package implements ADB shell and FileSync functionality. It originated from python-adb.


pip install aio-adb-shell

Example Usage

(Based on androidtv/

from aio_adb_shell.adb_device import AdbDeviceTcp
from aio_adb_shell.auth.sign_pythonrsa import PythonRSASigner

# Connect (no authentication necessary)
device1 = AdbDeviceTcp('', 5555, default_timeout_s=9.)
await device1.connect(auth_timeout_s=0.1)

# Connect (authentication required)
with open('path/to/adbkey') as f:
    priv =
signer = PythonRSASigner('', priv)
device2 = AdbDeviceTcp('', 5555, default_timeout_s=9.)
await device2.connect(rsa_keys=[signer], auth_timeout_s=0.1)

# Send a shell command
response1 = await'echo TEST1')
response2 = await'echo TEST2')

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